Magic Love

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Magic Love is a great old-school slot presented by NetEnt company with that cool retro vibe in it that will make you feel playing good old fruit casino slot machines. But instead of fruits you will see love-related symbols on the reels. Luxury cars, jewelry, flowers and hearts will get you in the romantic mood. But well-known retro symbols like Bar will rather bring nostalgic atmosphere.

Magic Love overview

Everything in Magic Love slot resembles classic casinos and so called one-handed bandits machines. The screen is styled as casino hall with chic interior and in the middle of the screen you can see an old-styled slot. Atmosphere is completed with the sounds of reels spinning and simple music from land-based casino games.

The slot itself may be quite simple and it doesn’t have any bonus games, but instead it offers interesting betting options, decent payouts and lots of fun.

Magic Love paytable

Gameplay and design of the Magic Love Slot.

As the design resembles classic Fruit money slot machine games, the screen is divided on 9 squares in the 3×3 order. All controls are situated in the bottom of the screen and look like big white buttons. You can use them to set your betting options before starting the game. The coin value can be changed by clicking the coin window in the right bottom corner of the screen.

The main thing is to decide the amount of paylines you want to play. If you want to get bigger payouts, try to think about playing the Max Bet or to use All Lines pin to select all possible paylines at once. The game offers 8 paylines but they can be activated in more ways than once.

Magic Love win


If you have changed your mind and want to select an amount of paylines with choosing it one by one, just click Clear Bets pin and all chosen paylines will be cleared. After that you can start over with the help of the Single Line pin.

The Spin button also have its little secret: once you start the spinning process it can help you to pause the reels sooner. Try out this option and see if it will help you to get best winning combinations!

Magic Love slot has a Paytable menu on a separate screen where you can look into all possible combinations that win. There are a lot of them! Starting from only 1 Сhampagne symbol on an active payline which can already bring you some money. And up to the highest-valued combination of 9 Luxury blue cars that pays out slot Jackpot in amount of 2000 game coins.

Magic Love big win

Slot also has special little screens where you can keep track of you bet and wins.

Altogether, Magic Love slot is a game with really simple gameplay that can suit tastes of gamblers who like classic games or for novices who like to know how to play slots. Easy settings and very simple gaming process can be not that entertaining but still brings joy and relax.

By the way, the game provides Autoplay mode, so if you are tired or to busy to press the Spin button manually, just let the game do it for you!

Check it out and get some fun time with the good old Magic Love slot!


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