Forgotten Land of Lemuria

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Reach the Forgotten Land of Lemuria

We bet you have heard at least something about Atlantis, a mystical island submerging somewhere in the Black Sea. However, few people know that there’s one more island located deep in the oceanic waters. This lost land is called Lemuria. The postulated theory says Lemuria was in the Pacific Ocean or the Pacific Ring of Fire. Some scholars consider Madagascar to be a part of this continent, but that’s another story. Just like Atlantis, down on the bottom of the ocean lie the proud cities and the worldly treasures of Lemuria. The guys working in Microgaming decided to give you a chance to discover the lost land and explore it in search for hidden treasures. That’s why they released the Forgotten Land of Lemuria Slot in 2012.

Forgotten Land of Lemuria overview

Nobody knows how Lemuria really looked like, but Microgaming illustrates it as a crystal land full of high waterfalls, giants, and flying castles. The entire slot looks mystical as if it is about a parallel universe. The visual effects are awesome. You can see a lot of 3D animations, especially when you hit a win. Feeling a bit on edge? Enjoy the relaxing waterfall sounds to calm down.

Other than that, the Forgotten Land of Lemuria is a typical five-reel slot machine with 3 rows and 243 ways to form the winning combination. The game is fully compatible with modern smartphones and tablets. So, you can play it even when you are not at home. Being equal to 95.26%, the Return to Player rate is considered to be quite average.

Forgotten Land of Lemuria paytable

How to Find the Lost Treasures?

If you want to visit Lemuria, you have to pay attention to several special symbols popping up here and there on the reels. The first one is the game logo that acts as the Wild Symbol. If you are not a newcomer, then you understand what this symbol is applied for. It substitutes all symbols, excluding the Scatter. Otherwise, it would be very easy to trigger the bonus game, which is the main function of the Scatter. The latter is represented by the eye of the Lemurian princess.

Forgotten Land of Lemuria win

Once you collect three Scatters anywhere on the reels, the Treasure Vault Feature is triggered. In this case you will have a chance to get into three vaults of Lemuria and take some treasures from there. Each vault has 10 orbs containing some random prizes or the keys to the next vaults. Rules are simple: a player should keep on revealing the orbs in each vault (Water, Earth, and Fire), until he hits the entire set of keys.

Forgotten Land of Lemuria feature

The Bottom Line

The Forgotten Land of Lemuria will definitely make you interested in thanks to its unique theme, brilliant graphics, relaxing melodies, and a promising bonus game. We suppose there are enough reasons to give it a shot. Start playing the slot, discover the lost land and find the priceless treasures. Good luck!

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